Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fallen Again?



Sam Kang feat Tiffany Chung

I must be lucky or this must be my day
It’s the warmth of holding you till I’m infused by your scent

I think it’s something I can feel for myself`
Could it get any better than this, I’m holding my breath
For a kiss

Unyielding motion that’s wrapped in a smile

But you seem so steady as I am burning inside

I feel the warmth as I have fallen too deep
Now I know that you know me though I’ve been told to believe
It’s just a kiss
For a kiss

Close your eyes and we can float away

All alone through this crowded place

Maybe you and I can find some time
Till forever or more
So baby move your lips
Come close I need this kiss
No time to fake I just can’t explain

No, no, no

The sweetest touch that I just can’t get enough 
Could it get any better than this I’m holding my breath

For a kiss

So, I have fallen too deep to Wong Fu Productions' short dramas, movies and others. Geez, just geez, those things are too damn magical. Whenever I saw their vids, it felt like "Holy shit, how do they know what's exactly in my head." Those movies are things I can't bring to reality, they stucked in my head for so long because I don't know how to make them come true. And well, just watch their vids, I totally recommended Wong Fu! Just..just please adopt me or something so I can be one of the tiniest part of them.
May be their movies aren't as long as you expected but, it's just about the feelings we get after watching it. Their perfection in making video came from their desire to show their real feelings, so that everyone that watch the vids, capable to understand the meaning. That's the hardest thing of making a vid, how we can deliver a little thing that can be something big later.
Four recommended vids you really have to watch from Wong Fu :
Somewhere Like This
Away We Happened

This is How We Never Met

When It Counts

And for my dearest NigaHiga's fans out there that have watched his first short movie "Agents of Secret Stuff", it was made by the Wong Fus! Omg, just...I love them so much. Besides, all of their soundtracks are just so easy listening (I know you're happy to hear it, David Choi) and so romantic yet giving deep feelings and impact for anyone who hear it. Hahaha over-dramatic, but I'm in a seriously-serious mood, though.
So guys, just, just pray for me, so I can join Wong Fu.

WONG FU FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

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